Body & Chassis Realignment-Jig by Advanced Auto Accident & Repair Ltd, Birmingham

Body & Chassis Realignment-Jig

Body & Chassis Realignment or Alignment Jig

Here at Advanced we have an Autorobot body jig, this is used on the heavier damaged vehicles. Either steming from a collision with another vehicle or for example hitting a tree.

Autorobots is a collision repair equipment and measuring systems for repairing collision-damaged vehicles. Every Autorobot straightening and measuring system is tested and calibrated with precision before they can be used on our client vehicles

About Autorobot

In 1991 Autorobot Finland Oy instituted their own quality-control system to cover all aspects of research, manufacturing and customer service. An external audit of the company’s procedures in adherence with ISO 9000 standards was certified by DNV in 1999.

Autorobot are the technological leader in the industry. Production monitoring by their inspection team keeps quality at the highest possible level, with reaction to infrequent quality failures being immediate. Consistently high-quality manufacturing is guaranteed by our reliably accurate production system.

The Process

The damaged vehicle is clamped to the jig, a measuring system is fitted to the car to determine how far out the infrastructure of the damaged area is. The measurements are to the manufacturer specific drawings, the vehicle is pulled back to alinement via an hydraulic arm. Any severely damaged panel work is replaced and the vehicle is returned to its original manufacturer specifications. 

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