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Car Scuffs & Dents

Minor Car Scuffs & Dents by AAAR

Lamp posts and low bollards can sometimes 'jump out' and hit your car doors, bumpers or even wings. Even pulling out of a tight car parking space a wall that wasn't there can suddenly appear.

How annoying it can be?

This is when you will probably require a small makeover so within our services at Advanced Auto Accident Repair Ltd (AAAR Ltd) we also offer smaller repairs including:

Bumper Blow-ins/Spot Repair:

Also known as a 'Spot Repair' which is a small local repair such as stone chips on bumpers, this is carried out as an alternative to painting the complete bumper.

Bumper Re-Texturing:

Wheel arch mouldings, for example a gauge on the moulding can be retextured using a specialised textured product which is then painted to the original moulded colour, this is carried out instead of purchasing a new moulding. On a plastic repair the area is usually sprayed with a textured paint to reproduce the stippled effect of the original plastic finish. Then finally the repair is given a coat of coloured paint. These paints are specially mixed to match the exact colours and textures of individual makes and models of car.

Part Car Panel Painting:

There are some situations where you can get away with painting just parts of car body panels, as opposed to entire units. Lower panel sections up to featured grooves, ridges or trim lines on doors, fenders/wings or quarter panels are examples of this situation.This is carried out to small dinks on a wing, door or rear quarter panel and can be achieved without painting the complete part.

Car Mop & Polishing:

For example, if your vehicle has really faint scratches or the paint has become dull then an industrial mop & polish is an ideal way to bring back the lustre to your paintwork.

If your vehicle has minor car body damage our repair technicians are highly trained to get your vehicle looking like new again.

No dent/scuff/dink is too big or small.

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