Full Car Accident Repaint by Advanced Auto Accident & Repair Ltd, Birmingham

Full Car Accident Repaint
Full Car Accident Repaint

A Professional Full Car Accident Repaint by AAAR

Due to our extensive experience and knowledge in the Motor body repair and paint industry we pride ourselves in our confidence to offer our customers a full vehicle repaint service. This includes:

• A full strip down of panel fitments
• Repairs to the damaged areas using the latest dent pulling equipment
• Full body preparation
• Rust treatment
• Resealing with the latest stone guards and spray sealer
• Full body paint in a Spray-bake oven

The vehicle paint we use is water based making it more environmentally friendly.The paint products that AAAR use are of high quality and are supplied by the national paint retailers MaxMeyer and PPG

Why MaxMeyer Paints?

From the mid-fifties, MaxMeyer coatings was present in the motor car and steel rapidly expanding industries with its nitrocellulose paints specifically produced for bodywork.

At the beginning of the eighties, MaxMeyer coatings acquired its biggest competitor in Italy, DUCO and gave life to MaxMeyer Duco S.p.A , renowned for its comprehensive range of products that met the requirements of quality and simplicity of use. Through years of research and practical application MaxMeyer coatings has accumulated valuable professional know-how at the service of its customers.

Over the last century, MaxMeyer coatings have become a major international refinish industry, keeping true to its original philosophy: to improve the business for its customers, making painter´s life easier by delivering high performance products that are easy to use. For the future, MaxMeyer products remain the industry benchmark for offering excellent results in a simple and effective way.

In 1997, PPG Industries completed the acquisition of MaxMeyer Duco S.p.A, reinforcing PPG's position as a leading European supplier of automotive coatings. A MAXMEYER® coatings provides a solution to make painter's job easier and help to sustain the environment.

MaxMeyer belongs to coating leader PPG. At PPG who strongly believes that environmental sustainability is integral to the success of a business. They do what we do in order to ensure the success and lasting presence of our company for the benefit of our customers. They believe that these two views of sustainability - sustaining PPG and sustaining the world - are not mutually exclusive, but are very compatible.

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